Thursday, July 2, 2009

My New Watch

I have bought this Citizen watch for some time, because I thought it could bring me luck. But unfortunately, I was being superstitious, and this idea made me quite dependant and dumb.  So my lesson were learned and all I need to say is you are the only one whom you can depend on eventually.

It was quite dramatic yesterday, because we had the craziest shower this summer in Shanghai . The wind was so strong that people could barely walk. But it came fast and went away faster, leaving pools and ponds on the road everywhere after I had my second golf game and dinner. It was cool to play golf, although I heard golf players average IQ is the lowest in all the sports games players, with football players the highest IQ. How ironic is that! It must be a joke. It’s like a big slap on the face, thanks to our professional National male football players.
The dinner was nice and we had good conversations on the table. I am glad that I joined the team building with other team members in the last minute . Sometimes there would be really a surprise if you do something different. As long as I still feel young, I would be willing to be surprised and entertained.
Almost all double bogeys in 9 holes-not bad for a beginner like me  
02072009_010 02072009_004
The Simulated Green Practice Court
02072009_016 02072009_020
Shanghai Expo Mascot On the table

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