Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Vol.2-The Train and The Buddha

So as I said, this time I did not really spend much time at home all by myself, instead, I went to lots of places in 10 days. My cousin introduced a place where they have this old traditional steam train from 19th century, so we went there after new year. Of course, on our way back, we visited Leshan Giant Buddha, which I had never seen closely. It was a bit exhausting to visit the two places in 2 days, I have to admit, as they are miles away from Chengdu, and they are far from each other as well. No wonder my aunt had to stop on the road to have a nap when driving back. We were tired in the end, but it’s totally worth it to see those great things with family.


Steam Train in Jiayang


The Car

Giant Buddha
Really Giant
Sleeping Buddha Mountain

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