Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sooooo…after a long journey I am back home. Well, technically, 3 hours on the plane wasn’t that long, but I have been dreaming this moment for a whole year. So it’s been a long time since I saw everything in the city last time. The schedule is tight as before, and there are so many things I need to do with family and friends. There is always a balance in between, and yet this time definitely family comes first. I am not paying loads of money back here without spending time with my family. Chengdu is still the same after lots of things happened in 2008. People are still the same here-safe and sound. It’s lovely. I’d love to take more pictures this time when I am here. I would love to go to see Dujiangyan, the city which was damaged by the quake. I might go to Leshan to see the old villages as well.

Geer is stubborn like the typical Taurus. I know many Taurus people in my life, and I pretty much know them well, to be honest. I was asked to watch a Taiwanese movie and to write something about it. So I might need to think what I should write here. Although I write bullshit here for most of the time, what I wrote are something I thought before I wrote, of course…haha


  1. Cape No.7 is a pretty good movie. So valuable to write some comments on it. Don't be shy, man!

  2. wow,i like too. it reminds me a movie i watched in my childhood. I run out of school for it.