Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ridiculous Suning

Here is the thing: I bought Nokia 5320XM at Suning, one of the biggest home appliances retailer tycoons here in China, on Wednesday night, yet I found more than 5 bad dots on the screen that night after I went back home. So yesterday I went to Suning to swap it for another one. I was talking too much, I guess, so after 2 hours in the shop, I decided to go to People's Square, where the Nokia service center is located, to require the phone check proof, which was "required" by Suning. I spent 2 hours on the road. I thought after this things would have been done like quite fast. Once again, I was wrong. It was claimed that there were several procedures, and the worst thing was they don't have Nokia 5320 in the inventory. They looked for other Suning chain stores, and the result was the same. Yup, apparently, I won't be able to have my Nokia 5320 eventually. It SUCKS. So I paid 350 RMB for Nokia 5610XM at 8:30pm. Remember, I got there at 4:30pm-4 hours spent in the store, and I did not even get what I wanted. Whatever reason, time was wasted. I don't really know if the result would have been different if I was not angry when I first got there. Or the joke was on me-they just don't have another Nokia 5320 there, so whether they change it without the proof from Nokia or not, I won't be able to have another same new phone anyway. "Blame the financial crisis, which obviously takes a toll on Suning." Said one of the saleswomen. My point is, I don't need your alibi, Suning. I just want my thing to be done. That simple. So after a whole day on this, I finally took the Nokia 5610 back home, quite exhausted. I even told the manager that I had to take a half day leave...sigh...


Quite excited about this one on Wednesday...

Nokia 5610 in the end


Nokia 5610 in the end


Nokia 5610 in the end


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