Monday, August 18, 2008

Free 2G U-Disk

Haha, eventually I found my 1G u-disk, I knew I would never lose anything from my hands. The good news is I got another 2G u-disk for free...That's nice...I should keep a low key though...Nice~

Haven't exercised for some time, and last weekend I skipped lunch to play badminton for one hour without stopping, then swam for 2 hours and played table tennis for one hour after dinner. I was amazed that I still had energy when leaving the court, and I was thinking maybe I should do these things like every day. However, the night I suffered a lot during sleeping-my arms were like broken and I couldn't feel my legs and my waist. I guess it was a little bit too much for one time excise, especially I did not stretch in the beginning. I recovered today after 2 days resting, and I think I would like to do more swimming in that nice warm swimming pool. It was awesome, and there were few people in the pool so that I could swim like a fish, and dive like a bomb...

Life is just a little bit too easy, and I kind of feel I am getting rotten gradually...:(

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