Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free Yogurt Needed

Only some kind of teas, coffee, coke, ice tea and orange juice are provided right now, so we are indirectly forced to drink them every day unless we just want to have a glass of pure water, which is considered to be not so smart, since all those beverages are free. I just hope there could some yogurt provided in the pantry, so that I won't need to buy them every time I get back. Well, yogurt is really good, because, first of all, yogurt is good for the stomach, and it helps to clean our body; secondly, yogurt is just as much as one can of orange juice, and there is definitely no more cost for it. So, for the sake of our health and the company's budget, yogurt is all good. But, at the same time, yogurt helps to nod off, so I guess maybe that's the main reason why it's not in the pantry...Thus, currently, all I can do is, again, to daydream here...

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