Friday, May 23, 2008

Torch Relay In SJTU

Though I slept for just about 5 hours due to the noise from those little hamsters and the interruption of those disgusting mosquitoes coming out of nowhere because of the rain last night, I still rushed out of dorm in the early morning, forgetting my cellphone on the table. Thank god I finished breakfast, otherwise I would have worn out while running along the torch relay later. It was much more fun than I thought, and it was so exciting to see all of those red-hearted students and teachers. Of course I am one of them as well; damn proud of it. It was worth getting up early to observe the occurrence of history.

They got up a lot earlier than me
The president lit the torch
Light the torch and our hearts
Reporters taking pics

I'd like to take a big fat nap after this...hmmm...A piece of pizza and some milk tea afterwards would be nice...

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