Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lunch Park

We always walk a little bit after lunch around "Purple Pig" Buildings, since afternoon work will still be stressful. Last Friday, me and other people found a nice place for lunch walk. The shuttle takes 5 minutes to get there, and the view is nice. It's a little park beside the river, and everything seems to be quiet and fresh. We will surely go there later on after lunch...

Lunch Park
The torch will come to SJTU...

It's a nice feeling to have a break from the things we are trying to do and the grief we are suffering. It's been 5 days, and the aftershocks are still there...The disastrous earthquake surely is a national disaster. I hope China will get through this soon...Bless...Thanks to those lovely volunteers, soldiers, doctors, nurses and the people who try to help and rescue those buried under the debris, we have the faith that China will stand up tall, and we will be ok. We salute you...

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