Sunday, April 13, 2008

Digestion of Wuhan Vol.1

Known as one of the three hottest cities in China, visiting Wuhan would have never crossed my mind if my cousin is not studying in Wuhan University. Wanted to well spend some time before my busy days, so I bought the tickets to the 'summer furnace'. It was pretty fast from Shanghai to Wuhan-8 hours! Nice!! I slept well except some uncivilized people smoked on the train, but that was ok, I could live with it for 8 hours. The next morning when I got there, I was disappointed at what I saw-the roads were muddy and narrow with lots of dirty buses and cars, and even trucks. Oops~~But it was all good when I got to Wuhan University, which is considered one of the most beautiful universities in China.

Sakura Roof
Student Union-the origin of corruption

Although they have the nice trees and beautiful green roofs, the students living condition is not so good thanks to the relatively less funding for this university, which is a shame, since I hope all those great architectures need better protection and maintenance.

Down Sakura Roof
Square land and round heaven-tradition Chinese value

East Lake
Road down from hill

I think I twisted my ankle when walking down from the hill, and for the rest of the trip I was in pain...That's sad...:(

Mr.Sun-the father of new China
Xinhai Revolution Museum

It was pretty nice that day after the rain, and this city was not dusty at all. And because of this season when students are studying, people are working, lots of the places are not crowded...Nice~~

Conference room
Nice building

'Magnificent' in Chinese
On Tower of Huanghe

Tower of Huanghe-the symbol of Wuhan
Huanghe=yellow crane

My cousin had never been to Huanghe Tower before my visit, even though she has been studying three for 3 years. It was worth it, since it's the symbol of the city. When I remembered a poem by Libai, the most famous poet in Chinese history, I realized how interesting it was when I came up to Huanghe Tower from Yangzhou...

"Old friends said goodbye on Huanghe Tower,

Going down to Yangzhou in blossom March."

Wuhan Changjiang River Bridge
On ferry

Wuhan Changjiang Bridge is the first bridge across Changjiang River, started by the Russians, finished by Chinese.

Jianghan Rd.
The old biggest night club, now a big shopping mall

With the colonial cultures, Wuhan is like Shanghai to some extent. It's easy to tell from the styles of the architectures. Outshining other cities 30 years ago, Wuhan is not as special as then, but it does has a bright future in the next 20 years.

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