Sunday, March 2, 2008

Early Spring

They emailed me the other day, telling me that they are ready to accept me, and yet I feel bad that I didn't tell them the truth even up till now. Still, I guess I will, and right now it's just not the time yet. Again, after all those bitterness and hard time, it seems my time of enjoying the life has come. Well, at least I hope so, since suffering is just no fun at all. This winter was the coldest since I have been outside of my hometown, and hopefully spring is beginning to knock the door now. It just can't get any better when it's always sunny and cozy--I missed it during the past couple of months.

June was supposed to be the time to say goodbye to all those classmates and friends, and yet this time we are going to do this in March. Time is fast. While arranging and organizing the last things in the lab, I feel quite released that I will be gone, leaving all those complexity and unsolvable issues to the unknown. Given me another chance, I would have done things differently, but I have no regrets. I am still me, and I am unique.

The good news is that I will still stay where I am until quite late, and my little cute hamsters will not need to worry that they will travel a lot, though I am planning to take them somewhere in their life times, to let them see this big world. I am happy and grateful for what I have right now~ Thank you!

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