Friday, January 11, 2008

Foggy Shanghai

It's really weird that the fog can be scary. Two days ago, a big fog attacked this city, and I can remember that there was some kind of strange smell in the air as well. It was obvious that the air is badly polluted, thanks to the cars on the road and plants giving out tons of exhaust gases. In the mean time, the temperature is getting strangely high, maybe it was because of the high moisture which meant the air was so saturated that the water can no longer take away any more heat into the air. Anyway if it was in summer, it would have been extremely uncomfortable, known as the sauna weather. Today, Shanghai is still foggy and wet all day long. I don't know what is going on, but I have heard that temperature is going to drop in the next a couple of days, and hopefully Shanghai can get some snow as some cities can in the north of the Yangtzi River. I love living in the south, but it is just so hard to see the snow which I love so much. I have friends working in Beijing, telling me that southerners should not go living in the north. Yet thinking about the snow and even ice sculpture is just so cool to me. I have never been to the north in winter, and I just wish one day I can see the world all covered in white.

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