Friday, September 7, 2007

Bugs Coming In From Nowhere

I live in Minhang, and still it's in Shanghai. I never thought this place could be full of small creatures. After I cleaned those ants out of my dorm, lately, I found occasionally there are some bugs coming into my dorm without any warning, which are huge and scary with big colourful wings. Sometimes when I am sleeping, and sometimes when I am concentrating on my books or computer. They don't scream or make any noise, but once they come, with those bigs wings, and flying over my head, that's really creepy. I don't want to touch them, because they might be poisonous or harmful. So what I can do is try to kick them out of dorm. To top it off, today, I saw a bird fly into my dorm, and it seemed she was trying to catch those bugs, which was good. But I felt that my dorm is turning into a natural land where predators eat their preys. And who am I? The nature order keeper? Hahaha...Or maybe it's because summer ends, and insects are trying to find a place to pass the winter, or trying to find a place to die in peace. Yeah, year after year, time flies~

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