Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Going Back To Campus Soon

Been home for some time, and I know I'll go back to campus soon, which is not a bad thing, because there is someone I miss there and there is something I need to do there. As for this Chinese New Year, I really had a GREAT time with my family, and it's really a great compliment to hear people say that I have become more and more extroverted, because I always wanna be that way...


Staying at aunt's house for several days, and I almost bought a lizard as my pet with my cousin. Just because I couldn't spare enough time to take care of that little creature, I gave up buying one in the end. When I was in Zigong, I almost bought the lizard once again, I gave up in the end, because of the same reason...Darn, I really like those creatures, so beautiful and unique. But my point is once you bought it as your pet, it's not the comercial thing any more, it can be counted as one of your family members, so you need to be responsible for it. That's what I am afraid of, not because I can't be responsible, but because I can't promise I would be responsible for all the time as a graduate student in university. Anyway, my bottom line is: don't start something you can't finish!


I was pretty happy on the Chinese New Year Eve, but lately I am pretty low including the time I was in Zigong with my cousins. I am not a dramatic person, and I always consider myself to be a nice and gentle person. The sad thing is I am not aggresive enough, and I can be taken advantage of very easily. Sometimes I just feel I have been so used, and I can fall so easily in front of some sweet words and lies. Call me stupid or whatever, I think this is something I can't change for a short time. Maybe after I have experienced enough, I will be better.


As I have said, I really had a great time with my family no matter in Zigong or Chengdu, and my cousin told me her marriage life last night, which is very useful for me to learn. Life is really complicated and subtle, and sometimes I really doubt that I can handle whatever pours in on me. Maybe I am too weak, or too emotional or dependant...


Anyways, I hope tomorrow is a brand new day, and I should get over whatever made me unhappy~~





  1. hey~~~  happy chinese new year!!! happy~~~

  2. Don't study so much, rest a little sometimes, lol.