Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Purification of Life

When I was a undergraduate student in college, I thought studying was the duty for every student who wanted to be a qualified one. When I was about to graduate, I thought studying is the means to an end. When I just entered my graduate school, I thought studying is obsolete, and life was full of fun and joy, or at least I should go to the laboratory instead of the classroom. But I gradually realise that studying is not just what I took for granted, it is something that can purify the soul. Living in this mundane world,  doing things impetuously, lack of pondering and consideration, I found I am becoming superficial and shallow. Seeing the freshmen on the campus, I found that I am not young any more, and I began to worry about my life and my future. What am I supposed to do so that I would not get left out, so that I could find a place for my own? I do not have an answer yet. I am a born worrier, and at the same time I am born optimist. I always have something to worry about, but I can always find something that can console myself so that I can stop the old worries, and find the new ones. I always feel that I am living a fairy tale, and there are always miracles. All I need to do is to wait, and I can get the pie from the sky. It sounds rediculous and naive, but this is what I have known about this world. The sad truth is that being passive can only let you down no matter what. We should not let things happen to us, we should make them happen. This is what I have learned and digested for a long time, and finally I accepted it. One person is just a little tiny sand on the vast, broad beach, and there are tons of thousands of sands out there. If you want to be outstanding, then you should have something outstanding to stand out. If you want to shine, then you must be able to shine. Every time I went to the classroom to study, I find it is bitter and tedious. But after I come out of the classroom, I find I am refreshed, and enriched in mind.


Admittedly, studying and keep on doing it are the purification of the soul. All the answers you are wondering just lie in the process...Never give up on it~~


  1. I luv losing my way too! one of my fav from fs/ls!

  2. How to keep balance between calss and out-class-life seems to be a big question.Why did you wanna further your education at college?Is that the knowledge you can only get in college? If so ,can I just ask,what's your dream,is there a certain relationship between your dream and that knowledge?

  3. Learning is not the equivalant of learning from textbooks. You can still  learn many useful and meaningful things after class; sometimes they  could even outweigh what you've learnt from the textbooks and in the classroom...