Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Respect the Truth

Summer has come, she gives so much hot that I can barely stand any more. I suppose if you stay outside for more than 10 minutes, your skin will definitely be burned, or at least your will be 5% darker than before. In this case, after I got up this noon, I came to the library to study, where I can enjoy the chilled air from the AC. Yay...


I love piano, just as how much I love English. Sadly, it seems to me that piano will never belong to me, even the least thing that has a little to do with piano will leave me. Maybe sometimes, the more you love something, the harder you seize it, the easier it will slip away, and never come back, leaving you with all the regrets and sweet memories that you ever enjoyed. Or maybe this is enough for you, if you think you are a person who can get satisfied easily.  Was I asking too much? I don't think so. If it's yours, it can never let you go, otherwise you will never get it---this is how I know about it. My answer is you have tried your best to love, and you gave all you can; you was patient with whatever poured on you, but since you still don't get it, it will never be yours. Just let it go...Sad but true. Respect the truth, and you will be respected too.


What am I talking about? My casual thoughts. There are something that you can never alter, and you don't need to get low. Just accept the reality, and get used to it. Sometimes it occurs to me that learning how to survive in this world is really a complicated issue. Anything that living in this world deserve our respect, because life is not easy for any of us. You survive, and you have won!


PS:The song is called:Truth, by Ryan Cabrera. Nice beats and sound.


  1. *shakin' hands*
    I always have a thing for piano and I'm definitely gonna learn it when I got time. IMO piaono's like the master of any conveivable instruments out there.
    the more I come here the more I feel we share the same apetite for music. cuz True is my all-time fav :)

  2. piano!! piano!!! 
    i love my piano!!!!