Saturday, July 8, 2006

My first recording

Never thought I could do this until I really did it this morning. Hiahia...I just recorded my first song on this computer, and it was fun. Also I put it on the BBS, unexpectedly, people didn't give any harsh critics. Of course, I know to some people, maybe it's kinda disgusting, but it was real fun to record your own sound in a song, and listen to it. It feels a little werid too...


(The original song is called Collide by Howie Day)


Warning: I am not responsible for the consequences if it makes you nausea, disgusting or sick!


Also you can give me any comments you can come up with.:)



  1. hehe,while you were recording the song,I heared,but I didn't disturb you.So good.

  2. pretty cool that u made this recording.and it is incredible that this  is ur voice .i can hardly transform ur x'stina style to this one .:>  loving it !

  3. one of my fav song. good job man!