Monday, February 6, 2006

20 days

Can 20 days change a person?

I thought nothing can change a person in just 20 days, but recently, I really doubt about it. Staying on the campus alone, and having nobody to talk to can really make you paranoid. There are some ones out there who wanted to talk to me, though I don't know how come I have lost all my power of speech. I kept silent and uneasy for most of the time. What's bothering me right now? I have no idea...


I thought it's impossible to get cold after the winter, but it is really cold today. It was reported that Nanjing had a heavy snow yesterday, but it's quite interesting that when the snow cloud came to Shanghai, it changed to the rain drops which made this city all wet yesterday. Lately, there is not any thing new that I can talk about here, life is pretty boring here. But every time I think about the final tests of last semeter, I just felt very incompetent and frustrated. The results have not come out, yet that's how I feel about it anyway. Don't wanna be a drama queen, but there are just some things that I can't erase so easily and quickly.


It's said everybody is created equal, but the reality is not necessarily the case. To some extent, this saying is just flawed...There are so many examples to refute it. Here, I am just wondering, since it's not true, then how come people make it up to lie to ourselves? Maybe it's just a consolation to ensure us that no matter how gloomy the situation is, there is still hope. You  opened the Pandora's box when you were born. It the hope that we can keep to make us moving on...Dammit, nothing can turn you on, when you feel awful, whereas everything's a fancy when you feel fine...



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