Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Same Ole Same Ole

When you get used to you life, you won't feel the time any more. Lately, there are truly no anything new here, except I broke my glasses and I got contacts and a new pair of glasses. I look different though...:P


Tomorrow is the last day of my test weeks, which means that I am gonna be 'free' tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, relatively, I am free. Next semester, there would be many new things: move to the new dorm, have some project work from the teacher, have the important exam...Some to be exciting, some to be boring, some to be tiring...


Sometimes, telling yourself to hold on won't just solve the problems, because it's not just about staying in the same place and standing still...We have to move on, save ourselves from being numb. Be the giver, not the receiver...There are some things to cheer ourselves up every day-our daily pellets.


Only half past twelve,  I don't care, because It's five o'clock somewhere.

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  1. Our next semester will be good!!Enjoy yourself on hoilday.