Friday, July 26, 2013

One Day Trip to Louisville

Louisville is probably the same distance from Lexington as Cincinnati, and we went there a couple of times for all kinds of reasons. But lately, I got the chance to explore the city a little bit thanks to Ken’s new car. Originally, I wanted to find a quiet library to study, and I found it would be hard to park outside the big public library downtown. So I decided to try some local community libraries. The first one I went to was the Crescent Hill Branch Library, which was very awesomely small and beautiful. That was my first impression and I thought all the libraries were the same in the city. But after my lunch break, I realized it was hard to get a seat in the same library, so I decided to go to another one. Never did I realize that the Crescent Hill Branch Library was probably the best community library in town. It took me almost 3 hours before I finally found a "decent" library to sit down in Jeffersontown. I was under some pressure when looking for a place to study because I had planned that in my head. But I guess reality is never ideal, especially when you are new to a place. The trip was fun, I would say, and somehow I miss that little library I went to in the beginning.

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