Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Game Room

Ken bought this badass computer from Microcenter at a great price and he thought the previous computer screen was too small, which was not really small to me. So he bought another badass big plasma screen TV for the monitor. This whole big monster is sitting in the living room as an entertainment center. I installed all my favorite games on it and some new games for exploration. It feels great to sit on that game chair and play either “Streets Fighters” or “Virtual Tennis” with that Bose sound system. It is like you are playing on a theatre screen. The only issue I have, though, is when you use the mouse and keyboard to play games like “Sims 3”, you will have to move your head to see places on the screen. I have never played games on a TV and it’s quite fun to sit a little farther to enjoy the big screen.
2013-07-05 00.36.33

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