Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kenwood, Cincinnati

When I first got to Cincinnati in 2009, I really thought that was a very tiny city and I was not impressed by the skyline of that city since I just left Shanghai. But living in Lexington here does make me appreciate Cincinnati’s skyline every time I pass by that city. The same is true for Kenwood, the best shopping destination in Cincinnati area. And surprisingly, people in Lexington would also drive more than one hour to shop there as the best shopping mall, Fayette Mall, does not even come to close to Kenwood on many levels. This time when I got to Kenwood, there were lots of things going on and Microsoft retail store is surely one highlight, which is quite similar to the famous Apple store in terms of arrangement inside. But it’s good that Microsoft is showcasing the laptops from all different OEMs, stimulating the entire ecosystem like they always do together with Intel. The store is not big and I felt a little squeezed, not like the Apple store which was obviously expanded in the past one year. As popular as Kenwood is in that area, I am not missing it because of so many things happened in Cincinnati that I don’t miss. I am still grateful that somehow I am out of there even though I had to pay the price.


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