Friday, January 4, 2013

Supreme Buffet

A group of us decided to go to a Chinese buffet to have the New Year Eve dinner, because we assumed that most non-Chinese restaurants were closed. It was a nice surprise for me to know that the Supreme Buffet has many different kinds of dishes, from Americanized to traditional Chinese dishes like pig feet or braised pork. Like many other Chinese buffet restaurants, seafood is always provided no matter it’s fresh or not. As much as I love seafood, I don’t really get to eat much there. Of course, Sushi is available too, although it’s not even Chinese food. I normally would avoid Sushi, because it’s well known that if the Sushi is not freshly made, it tends to contain more bacteria than other cooked food. The chocolate fountain was fun for deserts, and I dipped many fruit pieces as well as marshmallows. Compared to other buffet restaurants, I really don’t know how Chinese buffet restaurants can make any profits since you pay the same amount of money and you get a lot more kinds of food for Chinese buffets.


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