Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Headlight Smashed

It actually happened several days ago when I was parking outside campus. I guess I was very excited to see a parking spot and I forgot I had to be careful still. My right side headlight just smashed into the rear of another car in front of me. Although it wasn’t a big deal, it was just one of those trivial matters that bothered me from time to time. So I went to Twin Import for help. It wasn’t necessary to pay a full price for a new headlight cover, so I was glad that Mark at Twin Import can help me look for one. Eventually, I got my headlight cover replaced and I also fixed the rear brake light that wasn’t working properly. Altogether, I paid around 30 bucks.


My friend took me to Twin Import when I first got the car and it seems that it’s a nice place to get some maintenance for old cars. Although I heard some people complained that they got screwed there, it seems to me that I am happy with my headlight cover replacement.

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