Monday, December 1, 2008

My Mobile Phone Mania

There are lots of things going on lately, and yet I just don't have the motive to write anything down here. It's interesting that when there is nothing big happening, I have the tendency to even write things as trivial as flushing the toilet after using it. Anyway, it's just I don't know where to start here at this time. My general feeling is spending money is so much easier than earning money. After I bought the third mobile phone in a row in 20 days, I begin to wonder if I need to see a doctor. I NEED EVERTYTHING TO BE PERFECT! Apparently, none of the mobile phones are perfect in terms of my criteria. It's tough. You see, if I did not make any money, I would not have been so picky, nor would I have spent so much useless time on pondering which mobile phone I needed. It's ridiculous! After I lost my Nokia 5300, I thought I just needed one simple cellphone which can make sure I am existing on the earth, and has a dictionary also. Blame Moto A810! That mobile phone is totally not worth 1300RMB, whose system is slow and poor and it took forever to type a message. So I started this maniac mobile phone purchasing journey when I made my mind I should buy another one. So here I am, with three mobile phones on my hands. Mom is speechless on this too.

It's almost the end of 2008, and there will be lots of spending based on my gauge. I should start saving in case the real winter comes, period.

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