Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Ain't A Superman

After a long time in a low self-esteem period, I realize that I am not a superman after all once again. I have to fight desperately, even just for a slice of bread, because I can't get it with just a glance of a superman. I am a normal man, and if I am put in a pool with tons of different people, there must be tons of them who are better than me in some ways. I can't stand out with my delusions of grandeur. I will have to face the cruelty in the real life, because I am not a superman who can defeat all the obstacles effortlessly. Even the seemingly slightest progress will be so hard to gain, only when I am fully concentrated and constantly striving can I get it. With tens of thousands of talented people out there, this is not kidding. The trivial mistake which you might very well ignore will cost you so much that you might regret in the end. Walking on the ice is never safe, but this is just what I have to deal with every day. I always like to encourage myself with the saying: The one God loves, God chastens.


  1. bless……希望你早点走出现在这么阴郁的状态