Monday, November 5, 2007

When Is My Time?

I am still here at where I was, and it seems nothing has changed. Yet, somehow, I hope I can walk out of where I am now soon. I had a bad day yesterday, and I got shocked to realize how much work I needed to do before I could be proud of myself again. Anyway, past is past, and one thing would not be enough to end my world, and I still need to hold on and carry on, hoping tomorrow is my day...

It is the crucial time at the end of this year, and nothing major has touched me yet. All I need to do is to get prepared and pray. Because I believe that luck still matters a lot here, since I have seen people fly and fall just because of a little luck. On this road to my dream, I still have so much to learn and so much to do, and I know the hard time is still ahead of me...

Yeah, just leave those things behind for a while. Beyonce is coming to Shanghai, and I am going to see her tonight... I am sure I will be so thrilled and excited to see my bitch again, since my bitch Christina Aguilera has come in June! I will take lots of pics and record every moment of the concert just I did in June!!!

Hmm, before getting down to business, let's just rock and roll a little bit~~sista~

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