Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blood Drops

It drops down on the floor, and then it dries, leaving the stain there. I am not cleaning it, because I want to leave it there for something to remember. With my body heat, it evaporates so slowly on the cold floor. Gradually, it's getting thicker and thicker, darker and darker. It is going to become a stain eventually anyway. I am letting my wound heal, so that it will not drop any blood, since I always get dizzy when I see blood. It is obvious that this cold winter is not helping--it always tears my wound up, and I am bleeding again and again, harder and harder each time. Hmm, I really should not have been so greedy to eat so many apples that I cut myself so deep. It hurts! So badly~The pain is overwhelming especially when I look back, it's like I am putting salt on my wound. I was told time heals everything, so I am letting this wound dry by itself, and let it heal as well. I can provide a proper warm environment for the cells to grow, and I will be careful not to touch this wound, nor will I put salt on it...:P

Blood dries on its own...

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  1. i got dizzy when i saw ur words about blood. thrilled...