Friday, September 14, 2007

So Long, My Friends

I didn't realize how fast it was until the other day Song told me that he was moving to another dorm to live for the rest of his phD years. They all moved! We used to live together, and we used to be in the same class, sharing tears and joy. I didn't say much when they left, largely because I didn't know what to say, as lately there are just too many things happening to me. I always told myself that I can handle whatever comes my way, but now I know that I am not a superman, and I do need help sometimes. Now, everyday life seems to be quieter and I miss those days when we shopped together and we had hot pot together in the dorm. Those good times will never come back, and what left here are just the brutal truth that our future is still unknown and the huge effort we need to make to guarantee a better and safer platform for us to play on in the next following months. I do feel the pressure and sometimes I could wake up in the middle of the night. China is different from many countries in the world, where you need to spare no effort to make the best of everything, otherwise you will lose, and nobody will pity you for anything. In this sense, we are all soldiers.

I didn't say anything when you guys were going, and still I won't say anything now. What I want you to know is that we should all fight for our future and nobody should fall! Good Luck, Bothers! So Long, Bothers!

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  1. 我到台北了,结果刚刚上一天课,就因为台风停课了。