Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cold in Spring

It was still warm yesterday, but when I got up this morning, the moment I opened the window I realised it was not an ordinary day which means it's much colder. I stayed in my dorm for a whole day. If my friends didn't asked me out for dinner, I might well just sit in front of my computer for another couple of hours. I can't believe I am really too libra sometimes, because it is said that the general quality of a libra person is laziness. If there are food, internet and a toilet in one room, I guess I can stay in that room for as long as you can imagine. Being lazy physically is as the same as being lazy phsycologically. And I guess that explains how come I am always dumb logically. How much longer will I still be like a dumb ass? I have no idea. Just as long as I want. :P


I kinda feel pressed lately, because I have limited time to do too many things. The typical morning would be like I am awaken suddenly from a nightmare which indicates how pressing it is to do tons of things in just one month. Sweating and preoccupied by the business, I just jump out of the warm bed and rush into the bathroom, and realise how late it is when I get up.


There is a song singing ' Get Lazy with me'. Sometimes I can't help but day dream that it is so good to have someone that you love can get lazy with you. You can have the same pace of the life and everything...Jeez...this is Utopia...


Anyway it's too late again...Save me from this cold,lonely night...

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  1. i still remembered last sunday i just wear a t-shirt ;but this sunday i have to put on the down feather.what an 'awesome' weather!
    and,hey!how r u doing recently?