Monday, November 21, 2005

My First Book Report

Book Report


1. Name of the book

 The Power of Positive Thinking

2. Subject

Give you an idea of how to think positively to make your life full of joy and satisfaction

3. Summary (4 Parts that I think is the most important to make you live happily)

1).Believe in Yourself

2).How to Create Your Own Happiness

3).Stop Fuming and Fretting

4).Prescription for Heartache

4. The Reason Why I Chose the Book

I chose this book not because that I have some kind of mental problems or something, it’s just because that I feel that in our daily life we are facing so much pressure, and that we can easily get depressed sometimes. For many times we told ourselves that we need to relax, but the problem is how to get relaxed. It’s not surprising that sometimes even when we played or get so-called recreation, we still feel not so good about ourselves. That is to say we need some professional guidance to make our work more effective. And this book just suggests techniques and gives examples which demonstrate that you do not need to be defeated by anything, that you can have peace of mind, improved health, and a never-ceasing flow of energy.

5. Personal Feelings about this Book

As I have mentioned above this book can just tell you where you can go to make your everyday life brighter and sweeter. And through my period of reading this book, I found that not only did the context of this book give me so much pleasure, but also the experience of reading a book made me feel more satisfied. I have to admit that this book is only the few books that I really enjoyed. Psychologically, I intend to read some books concerning human minds. And during my reading the book, I just felt a strong interest to make me go further and further, to drill, to think and wonder. And I can’t agree much more with the author that ‘without a bumble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy’. Throughout my experience, I found many people feel unhappy or depressed, it’s not so easy like they are starving, poor or not having a girlfriend or boyfriend; it’s just because that they are lack of self-confidence. It’s true that confidence is the very basic thing to do other things or even to achieve your goals. Based on your confidence, you can talk easily, you can make people around you respect you and like you. However being self-confident is not just as easy as I am talking here, you need to solve the problem from the bottom of the problem—the way you think. Sometimes we don’t realize how powerful it is. The way of our thinking can make us very strong, but also it can destroy us in just a second. Therefore we need to respect how we think, and we need to know the way we think, and tame it at last. That is to say- to think positively!

Well, throughout this book, I also get acquainted with the author-Norman Vincent Peale. I think his book is very suitable for us. Because for one thing, there are not many psychologically professional jargons, it’s more like a pop non-fiction. For another, as a college student here, sometimes we really need some guidance to tell us where we are going, and Norman’s book is just a torch in the dark which leads us the way out. So I sincerely recommend this book to you.

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