Monday, April 14, 2014

WhiteMoon Winery

Sundays are normally relaxing for me and there is always something fun to do too. After getting up late, I had the brunch at First Watch just down the street. The food was alright-nothing special, but I’d always remember how slow it was to get our food. Since it was Sunday, it was no big deal to wait extra minutes for the meal. What bothered me was that I felt sick after I left there. I wasn’t sure it was the coffee or the food. I was dizzy like I was drunk the whole time when we were driving to WhiteMoon Winery in Lebanon. Even the fun music in the car made me want to vomit, and the wind brushing my skin was like knives. I got better after we stopped by at a gas station where I got some water.  WhiteMoon Winery is actually a little far from Lexington, and it took us about one and half hours to get there. It looked like a big garage from outside and I didn’t even see the logo. There were only two chairs inside for the customers, and obviously we were standing while tasting the wine with cheese. The owner of the winery has her electric engineering degree, and it is very wise of her to import different grapes everywhere to reduce in the initial investment. The winery is well organized and managed, and there are lots of small gadgets to purchase. I didn’t ask her about the revenue, but I could just tell that she is smart enough to have a successful business like that. We bought that wine smoothie powder there, and I guess it would be fun to make some at home.

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