Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deja vu

I guess for any normal people, it’s no fun to move 3 times in one month, but this time I am glad I can IMG_2284 finally have a place of my own for a while; so I won’t worry about moving until next year. Although all those packing, assembling and unloading things gave me a headache, I was quite relieved in the end somehow. Also cooking spaghetti is not as hard as I thought-once you put the sauce and noodles in two different pots and all you need is to is to wait. The taste is not much different from that in restaurants in my opinion.

So far there are many things I like here, such as loads of different varieties of food and magazines you can’t buy in China. But the public transportation system here is not something I could get used to for a short period of time-I miss the subway system. That’s why almost everybody here has a car-it’s like the bike in China.

Still, there are many things I need to do for the first month, but I think it’s getting better…

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  1. seems you r not in China? hah, where r u right now? best luck!!!:)