Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not The Right Time?

Well, I don’t know how to invest-at least now there are a lot I need to learn. I overpaid the tax for the airplane tickets for my Beijing trip, because I booked the tickets one day before the oil tax was decreased. That was a shame, but whatever, since the tickets were not expensive anyway. Yet, this time, when I was buying the tickets back home, I needed to find the best price, as the tickets can cost me a fortune. I thought the earlier I bought the tickets, the better deal I could get. I was wrong! A week after I bought my round trip tickets, the airplane ticket tax was decreased again, and to top it off, there are lots of discount tickets available now. I OVERPAID AGAIN. I am not rich yet, and when buying things like the pane tickets, I have to think about it first. Though every time I thought I could get the best deal when I was buying something, the next thing I knew was I always overpaid what is supposed to be cheaper. I am speechless.

So, my answer for myself to this is: going home is a once-a-year thing, especially it’s the time for family re-union, which is priceless and precious. As we all grow older, time left for that is less. Basically, I am always talking myself into this philosophy: we overpaid the things that, we think, are not worth the price, and yet we just ignored the fact that we bought time then, which cannot be measured. So I am happy that I got my tickets eventually, which is utterly most important.

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