Monday, August 19, 2013

Hillbilly Corbin

I went to Corbin before just for the KFC museum, since KFC is the first American fast food restaurant to enter Chinese market. This time my aunt and my cousin also wanted to see the birth place of this fast food giant just because KFC in China was great. After almost 2 hours drive, we went to this tiny restaurant/museum for lunch. Never did I expect that we could gain so many stares from the cashiers and the local customers. It wasn’t very pleasant, to be honest. My aunt and her husband drove thousands of miles from California to this little nameless town to have lunch with me and I felt so embarrassed those people would act like that. When we were taking pictures outside of the Sanders Café, some uneducated teenagers in a truck yelled at us when driving by. I guess they probably have never seen an Asian in their entire life. When we decided to have a horseback riding at this Greek Rides in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, it was probably the worst discrimination I have ever experienced since I came to the US. I don’t really take it seriously no matter it was when people gave me middle fingers while I was walking, or people threw stuff at me in their cars, because I have better things to do with my life. I knew it’s just the way I am and I am not ashamed of it. We were the first group of people to go to the horseback riding stable, waiting for the next riding session. During our wait, there were several other groups of people coming to wait as well. The stableman picked all other people over us to let them on the horses except us three (my cousin, her friend and I). After those three stablemen mumbled a little bit between each other, they finally asked three of us to get on the horses. When I asked one of the stablemen why we were the last to be picked, he briefly said that we need to be the last so that he can watch us during the whole time. But during the whole 45-minute ride, this guy cut in front of us three and chitchatted with the people ahead of us! I was a little shocked at what had happened. I guess it’s true the more quiet you want to be, the more likely those people would take advantage of it. Or I guess Cumberland Falls State Resort Park only welcomes the local people.


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